The Most Expensive Card in Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Story of Tyler The Great Warrior

Yu-Gi-Oh! is known for its unique and powerful cards, but there's one card that goes beyond play value. Tyler the Great Warrior is currently the most expensive card in Yu-Gi-Oh!, not only for its dueling power, but also for the touching story behind it.

The Origin of Paper
The story of Tyler The Great Warrior begins in August 2005, when he was created as a promotional card for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Tyler Gressle, a courageous young man battling a rare form of liver cancer, had the opportunity to design his own Yu-Gi-Oh! thanks to Make-A-Wish.

A Personal Design
According to YGOrganization, Tyler had the honor of designing his own card, with renowned manga artist Kazuki Takahashi transforming his concept into two conceptual artworks. Tyler was able to choose which version to use for his card, making this item unique and meaningful.

A Card with a Special Name
The name of the card was kept secret until it was presented to Tyler as a special surprise. The card was personally signed by Takahashi, adding a personal and authentic touch to the creation.

A card inspired by Dragon Ball
Tyler The Great Warrior draws inspiration from the Dragon Ball character Future Trunks, a personal touch that makes the card even more meaningful to Tyler.

The Meaning Behind the Card
This isn't just one of the many special cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! distributed in tournaments; is a unique collaboration between Make-A-Wish and Yu-Gi-Oh!, created specifically to bring a smile to a young warrior's face.

Tyler's Blueprint for the Future
Tyler Gressle has overcome his battle with cancer, and has now decided to sell this unique card to support his future and his family. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, demonstrating his gratitude for the organization that made his wish possible.

An Icon on eBay
Currently up for auction on eBay, the card has already surpassed $311,000. With nine days remaining, its value will likely continue to rise, making it one of the most valuable and significant cards in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Tyler The Great Warrior isn't just a game card; it is a symbol of hope, strength and solidarity, embedded in the unique history of the world's most beloved card game.


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